South Leg Departing London

The Southern Leg wrapped up another fun-filled meet and greet with the friendly people at WFTG radio in London, KY. Once again, the station provided the crew with a wonderful spread of food to enjoy – albeit without any fish ‘n chips. That detail didn’t prevent Devin Mesoraco and company from chowing down before hitting the road again for Somerset. Upon seeing the heaping plate of food Lee May sat down with, Marty Brennaman openly wondered whether the Reds Hall of Fame first baseman tore his rotator cuff lifting the plate.

On the bus to Somerset, Brennaman also commented on the friendly rivalry between his tour and the Northern Leg.

“Once again the North tour aspires, unsuccessfully, to be the rock star tour that we are. And as long as Jack Tripansky (Zach Bonkowski) is part of that tour, they will never elevate themselves to our level.”


  1. mike42501

    They made a stop in Somerset, but only for a radio affiliate. Not a public stop. From there they went to Bowling Green and tomorrow they’ll be in Lexington.

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