Northern Leg On The Way Home

The Northerners are on their way home after a very successful stop at Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus. Reds President and Chief Executive Officer received a terrific round of applause from the fans. While the group was inside at the event, it snowed about 3 inches. They came outside to a blizzard, and the roads are treacherous, but Patty will get them home safely. Before the Northern Tour signs off, they want to recognize the advance and event crew: Ryan Niemeyer, Dustin Bradds, Craig Bradds, Matt Merchant, Corey Hawthorne, Britton Martin, Stephanie Mileham and JP Owens. Job well done folks.



  1. belroy

    Thanks for the wonderful event. This was my first time at the Reds Winter Caravan, but will not be my last. We drove 2 hours to see everyone, and it was worth it!! It did take us a little over 3 hours to get back home because of the snow!!!! GO REDS!!

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