Northern Leg On The Way Home

The Northerners are on their way home after a very successful stop at Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus. Reds President and Chief Executive Officer received a terrific round of applause from the fans. While the group was inside at the event, it snowed about 3 inches. They came outside to a blizzard, and the roads are treacherous, but Patty will get them home safely. Before the Northern Tour signs off, they want to recognize the advance and event crew: Ryan Niemeyer, Dustin Bradds, Craig Bradds, Matt Merchant, Corey Hawthorne, Britton Martin, Stephanie Mileham and JP Owens. Job well done folks.



Drive safe & thanks for the highlights from the tour!


Thanks for the wonderful event. This was my first time at the Reds Winter Caravan, but will not be my last. We drove 2 hours to see everyone, and it was worth it!! It did take us a little over 3 hours to get back home because of the snow!!!! GO REDS!!

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