Western Leg Update – Louisville

“The Cowboy” Jeff Brantley and the rest of the Western Bus just wrapped up visiting with Reds on Radio affiliate WKYW radio in Frankfort, KY. The hospitalty was outstanding down in the Bluegrass State.

Earlier in Louisville, more than 300 fans showed up at Louisville Slugger Field, home of the Bats. During the visit, Reds CEO Bob Castellini announced that the Reds and Louisville had extended their deal to keep the Bats as the club’s Triple-A affiliate for four more years.


  1. pdriz

    The caravan was about 40 minutes late due to a previous radio engagement that ran too late. As a result, they only accepted one question during the Q & A session. They had no microphone for the audience and panel could not understand the question very well. That may have also contributed to them only accepting one question. There was a huge autograph line, but they were nice enough to sign everyone’s autograph who was in attendance. All of the panelists were very polite and approachable. Jeff Brantley even took the time to speak with me afterwards, which I thought was very nice. Overall, it was a great stop and I’m glad I went.

    As I drove away from the event, Dusty Baker was being interview via telephone on the radio. They apparently have a very nice bus with big screen TVs and satelites and they will be staying the night at the Belterra Resort & Casino tonight before they move on to their Indiana stops. In another small bit of gossip, Baker said that if the season started with the current personnel, he intends to platoon Chris Dickerson and Jonny Gomes in left field, which I thought was interesting.

  2. terryfox@insightbb.com

    I believe that kudos should go to George Grande on his job as MC at the Louisville event. The question from the audience was negative (it concerned a criticism of the Reds radio network) and George turned it into a very positive statement about the network with a smile on his face the entire time. I believe the Reds will look at their radio network coverage in Louisville and make changes if warranted. I came away with the impression that Cincinnati genuinely wants to serve the Louisville market and I liked the touch of having a “Louisville Day” on July 5 at GAB when the Bats are away. I also liked the fact that Bob Castellini came down to make the Louisville contract extension announcement in person.

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