South Leg A Hit In Somerset

A meet ‘n greet stop at Nancy, KY’s Harbor Restaurant went swimmingly well for the Southern Leg crew. The restaurant sits on top of a hill that looks out over Lake Cumberland, a spectacular panoramic view. Once again a large spread of food was provided, this time the emphasis was on fish and chicken wings (very hot ones). Unfortunately, the chicken wings were a little messy for Premium Sales Manager Ryan Rizzo, who ended up wearing remnants of the wings and sauce on his shirt after dropping one.

The program was smooth with several jubilant Reds fans in attendance for a brief Q&A and autograph session. The fans here were very knowledgable about the team and presented VP/Assistant GM Bob Miller with some very educated questions. The only question Miller had was how Harbor Restaurant served such delicious blueberries and strawberries considering those fruits are out of season.

Now, it’s on to a main fan stop in Bowling Green. The traveling party is running like a well-oiled machine according to Jamie Ramsey.


  1. mike42501

    This wasn’t advertised because it was just a radio affiliate stop. The closest public stops would be in Bowling Green Friday and Lexington Saturday.

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