Northern Crew On The Way To Columbus

While most of the Caravan updates have centered on the fans and the players at the public stops, the Northern Leg crew wanted to recognize Corey Hawthorne, Britton Martin, Dustin Bradds and Craig Bradds as well. They make up the North’s advance team and prepare the sites prior to arrival. It is because of them that the sites look professional and function the way they need them to. In the words of media relations guru Rob Butcher, “Their work is outstanding.”

Tonight’s movie from Athens to Columbus is Eagle Eye. The Northerners are giving it a thumbs up. Rob Butcher was the only person who liked the afternoon movie, The Boondock Saints. Zach Bonkowski, who claimed to own that film, took a little bit of abuse from his traveling partners over that selection.

One comment


    We’re sure that this “crew” is doing an excellent job and we’re following reports of the Caravan, at every stop, from down here in Bradenton Florida. And, of course we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of our REDS in Sarasota for Spring Training!!!!

    p.s. We may be a bit prejudiced, since BRITTON MARTIN is our #1 grandson.

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