Southern Leg Update – Cynthiana

The Southern Leg is off to a successful start and just completed its first stop at Angelo’s Pizza in Cynthiana, KY.

Brandon Phillips, Devin Mesoraco, Lee May, Chris Welsh, Marty Brennaman and other Caravan members met with fans and signed autographs. In what has become a Caravan tradition in Cynthiana, members of the traveling party signed the Angelo’s dining room wall before departing for Grayson, KY.

Reds fan and Cynthiana resident Bob Doan, 75, was on hand chatting with members of the traveling party. “Cynthiana is a small town and we really appreciate the Reds coming here. We’re happy they’re here,” said Doan. Doan has been a Reds fan since 1946 and has since been making several trips every summer to Cincinnati to watch his beloved Reds.

WCYN Radio, the Reds on Radio affiliate in Cynthiana conducted on-air interviews.

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